Hello H2H Mountain Bikers

Hello H2H Mountain Bikers and Extended H2H Race Community!

Last year at this time, we never thought we would be heading into 2021 with so much continued uncertainty, but here we are.

Still, this community is strong! As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, more people than ever have been introduced to and explored the joy of cycling. If you happen to be here for the first time and are new to the sport, we wish you a warm and heart-felt welcome!

As a Regional Mountain Bike series, each race is promoted by individual clubs, bike shops, and/or teams. Without the hard work and efforts from their respective volunteers, none of this would be possible. Make sure to thank them at each event.

The H2H Race Promoter Committee has developed what is currently a tentative H2H Race Schedule. The schedule is dependent upon a number of factors:

1. The guidance from local, State and Federal agencies as it pertains to COVID-19 protocol.

2. NJ State and County Park permitting policies, that may continue to change based on state mandates and increased park usage.

3. Regarding state mandates, all venues, private or public will be required to follow the current New Jersey policy on outdoor gatherings.

What has been normal in the past for mountain bike racing may not be the norm for 2021.

Expect each Promoter’s Event and their racing format to be based on then current COVID Conditions and Required Protocols.

Green/Traditional-Low risk, everything has returned to normal, pre COVID conditions. Expect mass start events, based on category, age, and/or skill brackets or waves. (With current conditions we do not see this as a realistic option for most of 2021).

Yellow/Socially Distanced-COVID-19 protocols are still in place. Where possible, a promoter will be asked to provide a single racer, time trial type start, with pre-assigned start times. This format will require that all athletes pre-register so that their start times can be communicated to them via-email prior to the event.

If a promoter is not able to, or a race venue is not conducive to a single racer start format, small “waves” (2-6 athletes) may be permitted to start, IF social distancing, as defined by the CDC, and the State where the venue is permitted, can be adhered to, and enforced.

Depending upon State Guidelines regarding Outdoor Gatherings, participants, spectators, and/or volunteers will be limited to the total numbers specified by the State on the scheduled date of the event. Where possible, an event will be “chip timed”, so that start times, laps and finish times can be accurately calculated.

Code Red-There shall be no races permitted or associated with the H2H Series, based on the inability for any Promoter at any venue to hold an event in compliance with the State of New Jersey and CDC guidelines.

Our primary concern is, and always will be, the health and well-being of our community.

For now, we encourage you to get outside and ENJOY! Hike, bike ski, whatever, but be safe. Looking forward to a better 2021!