We are back to seven races for your suffering pleasure! Mayhem 3/26, WTF 4/9, Ringwood 4/16, PPP 4/24, Lewmo 6/26, Rump 7/17, and new for 2022 Box Baum Bash 8/7.

Check it out here.

We can't think of a better way to wrap up the 2021 H2H season than with the poundlicious trails featured in the Point Peter Pounder. Registration is open, we hope you will join us on Sunday August 8th, you will not regret it!

Registration is now open for the Bulldog Rump. Join Cycle Craft's Team Bulldog on July 18th for this NJ classic.   https://www.bikereg.com/bulldogrump

Grab your spot in the 2021 Lewis Morris Challenge scheduled for June 27! Registration is OPEN! And if you register before June 19th, 2021 you'll be entered into our prize raffle. No Day of Registration.

Results are HERE!

Photo links: oneimagingphotography | Justin Tinapay | Marty's

Yes folks, it's true - no Ringwood Rumble in 2021. Although things are opening up, we couldn't get a permit for this month, and there are no events allowed at Ringwood between Memorial Day and Labor Day because of the lake. We have a great relationship with our land managers and respect their decision on this - park usuage continues to be unprecedented. Don't worry, we'll be back in 2022!!

We are super excited to announce that the H2H Series has moved to a permanent race number plate for the series and your plate will be used for the entire race series. These are yours to keep, and must be used for each race that you compete in. DO NOT FORGET YOUR PLATE when you attend other H2H Races!

Replacement plates will be available at each venue, but there will be a $15.00 charge for each plate to cover the cost, the chip, and the data entry required to get your new number back into the system and series. Check out the FAQs here.